Trained by Reebok on - Aerobics, strength, flexibility and total body conditioning.
ACE certified trainer.i:e- American Council of exercises
Attended 273 workshops on body composition and total health and fitness programs.
Resolution of Reebok- Where trainers from all over the world share their expertise.
Experience in all kinds of exercise equipment
Yoga- Sivananda
CPR certified
Kick boxing- Hasan Ismail.

Work Experience As Certified Fitness Expert

Worked with WNS GLOBAL SERVICES as a capacity of Head Fitness Trainer handling Mumbai, Pune, Nasik and gurgoan branch.
Currently handling corporate health and fitness programs for HSBC Mumbai.
Trained employees for Microsoft Corporate fitness challenge that was held in Thailand in 2007.
Worked with Bodykraft, bodyflex, bodyzone and Fitness trendz as fitness training and development Expert.

Performed new member orientations, body fat analysis, cardiovascular, strength & flexibility evaluations including target heart rate calculations, calories burnt during the workout, postural analysis. Success rate so far has been 100% with each client satisfactorily achieving the target weight or inch loss increase in stamina or body toning. There has been not a single incidence of reported injury. Ability to interact effectively with all age groups. Have never failed to give optimum results in terms of fitness.


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