Oxygen Health’s Vision: To inspire and empower people to develop their energy, vitality and performance. We are passionate about enabling people to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Oxygen makes a difference in the well-being of the people and organizations we serve. Our services are focused on providing solutions to many problems currently faced by leading business houses. Most corporate environments mean stress, deadlines, competition and hefty workloads. Our mission is to enhance the personal and organizational health of the people and organization we serve. We achieve this by integrating our comprehensive programs into the culture of each of our clients and by customizing programs to meet the unique needs. As a result of our integrated and personalized approach, our clients have benefited from an enviable return on their investment.

We plan the best possible experience to incorporate health, strength and vitality into your professional world. Our fitness experts have suggestions you may not have thought about. We provide packages which are designed and customized as per the needs of your organization to foster your goals and inspire achievement.

Our success is a result of developing industry – specific fitness solutions.


Turn key fitness promotion services

  • High Performance Personal Training

  •  Weight loss programs

  •  Circuit Training

  •  Aerobics

  •  Total Body Conditioning

  •  Power Yoga, Pilates, and Kick Boxing classes

  •  Nutritional Counseling

  •  Dance hall workout

  •  Art of workout

  •  Far east funk workout

  •  Warrior moves cardio.

  •  Hip hop spin

  •  Xtreme step Fitness Dance

  •  Sword workout

  •  Cardio cross training

  •  Breathing and Meditation techniques

  •  Rock star dance session

All programs will help you with Power, precision, intensity and focus.


1. Health Assessment: Each and every employee enrolled undergoes a health assessment. The medical history, level of fitness activity and lifestyle factors are discussed. Measurements, Weight and Fat percentages are recorded along with their personal details on the evaluation forms provided by us, which are systematically tracked.

2. Result Evaluation: The results of the assessments and health risk factors are taken into consideration while designing fitness programs.

3. Intervention Opportunities: Necessary interventions are planned over a period of time to evaluate the fitness levels and include variations in the exercise patterns. Self study materials are also provided to keep them updated on health & fitness activities.

4. Health Tracking: Health & Fitness levels are tracked and wellness challenges are discussed with employees.

5. Health Outcomes: The health outcomes in terms of participation rates, lifestyle changes, productivity measures, health care costs and feed back are discussed with the management.

Objectives of our programs

  • Surround your organization with increased productivity, energy and creativity.

  •  Direct impact to bottom line by reduction in costly turnover

  •  Increase your staff retention, longevity and company satisfaction.

  •  Decrease absentees, and sick days.

  •  Increase your employee’s mental focus, clarity, endurance and attention to detail. Increase your employees overall quality of life, through the proven benefits gained physically, psychologically and emotionally through health and fitness.

Finding an ‘edge’ is becoming more difficult in this increasingly competitive world. Oxygen is here to help your staff become happier, healthier and more productive to help you achieve your business goals.

Our programs deliver sustained results, impact and measurable return on your training investment.


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